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Water Quality & Keeping It Well
Water test kits, which one is right for you? There are three kinds and believe it or not, there's a good argument for the least accurate, most easy....
Water Changes. Why so laborious? Did you know that for under $25 you can go to the next level of water replacement and EASILY calculate and set up replacement rates? Water changes should not disrupt YOU OR your fish!
It's pond cleanout time. A few recommendations about time of year, fish handling, and temperatures are presented.
Hazes. Cloudy water. There are three. Mineral hazes, bacterial hazes and green hazes. The differences between dirt and mineral hazes versus bacterial hazes and their consequences are discussed.
Bypassing the "Cycle" instantly with filter muck. It's SO easy and SO effective. Illustrated at Koivet.com and described in detail in this video.
About the Fish
How many Koi can I have? Koi stocking densities from 1/2 inch per ten gallons of water all the way up to 4 inches per ten. Ron Calvert and Tom Holder are playfully lampooned.
Mistake, or benefit? The Koi and Goldfish breeding together beginner mistake. Mis them if you don't want Koi babies. Don't mix them if you don't want some hybrids...
New pond, new fish? Koi? Goldfish? Shubunkins? What should a beginner consider?
Domestic koi? Imported Koi? Show Koi? What should the beginner buy? And spend?
Baby Fish and more than you would want to know such as what to feed, how they spawn, what kills a lot of them and cannibalism even.... and more.
About the Filtration
Veggie Filters, and Lagooning substandard replacement water to make it safe naturally. Have you tested your tapwater? You'd be amazed what can be in that.
Bypassing the "Cycle" instantly with filter muck. It's SO easy and SO effective. Illustrated at Koivet.com and described in detail in this video.
Algae and Plants
Greenwater control video tutorial annotated. Control, prevention, treatments and the best chemical method is described.
Plant disinfection: Plants can bring an assortment of nasties and all these are discussed. Then, how to kill these pathogens before they get into your pond.
Live plants and the marvel they are. Nitrate reduction, shade, shelter, philodina to name just a few.
Protein in Fish Feeds, and Flooming versus airstones are discussed.
Feeds, Feeding, and Why they Need To Eat BEFORE You Buy Them
Disease Treatments & Concepts
All Koi and Pondfish Disease Cases are handled the SAME way. So you don't miss anything. For your protection.
Stepwise then; My Fish is Sick, What, EXACTLY should I do?
n e w ! Top Ten Pond and Pond Fish Keeping Mistakes
Other Pond Questions or Miscellany
The Fastest Way to Get From Point A to Point B on the Internet when you have sick fish
Are tadpoles a problem in my pond? What's the worst that could happen? Why does it matter if they die?
Filled the 300 and had some thoughts about you while I was doing that.
Question from a Koivet subscriber. Are Frogs a Problem?
I am worried Herons will eat all my fish. Well, not if you do this....
How to buy healthy Koi & pond fish with some strenuously emphasized DO's and DON'Ts
Aquameds Assimilates Koibeginner.com and Revives Interest - New Video Per Week!
Pond Construction, Types & Considerations
Where to build your pond....Full sun? Shade? Filtered Light? And one place NOT to build one.
Your First Important Considerations When Opening a Small, Beginner Pond
How deep should a pond be? Beginners are advised to get it deep enough but how deep is that?
Introduction with sound.

NOTEI am aware that SOME videos truncate or end abruptly but so far NONE of the truncated videos have lost meaningful information. In fact all of the truncated material has been basic "recaps" of what's discussed and if you took brief notes, you miss nothing.

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